If you have had to spend a few days (or still are if you’re desparate enought to be here) trying to get your app working with sandbox I might be able to help.

I’m assuming you have alredy tried the following under the project properties:

  1. Targets > Capabilities > App Sandbox > Turn ON
  2. General > Signing > Mac App Store
  3. Build Setting > Code Signing > Provisioning Profile > [Some rovisioning profile you have already set up]

If this solves your problem awesome, then I’m no further use to you. Otherwise read on my friend.


For me I thought I was really clever by putting a Copy Files build phase which would copy the compiled binary over to a Dropbox folder for use later on.

I then thought I was clever by fixing a warning (honestly can’t remember what it was now) by going under the Build Settings and setting Skip Install for Release to YES.

What did this do I hear you think. It produced a folder structure like the following:

[target datestamp].xcarchive/Products/Users/[me]/Dropbox/Applications/[target].app

When I peaked inside the .app I didn’t find the following important files & folders:

  • _CodeSignature [folder]
  • embedded.provisionprofile [file]
  • Resources/archived-expanded-entitlements.xcent [file]

The most important one is is the entitlements file, as I had skipped the install the archive was simply archiving the copied target that was going to dropbox

Up until now I’ve told you what I did wrong. What I did to fix this was as follows.

  1. Delete the Copy Files build phase.
  2. Set the Skip Install to NO for ALL Configurations i.e. Debug & Release in my case.

Once I ran Archive my folder structure was correct and my app was on the following path:

[target datestamp].xcarchive/Products/Applications/[target].app

On a side note, you’ll find that if you leave in the Copy Files you will have both build paths within your .xarchive folder. Which means you get a funky icon instead of your app icon. This happens because there are two targets in the archive instead of the expected one.