If you are having issues using Facbook authentication on a Mac app you may not have updated your configuration within the Facebook developer console.

You are most likely getting an error similar to the following:


Under this guide Facebook state:

redirect_uri. The URL that you want to redirect the person logging in back to. This URL will capture the response from the Login Dialog. If you are using this in a webview within a desktop app, this must be set to https://www.facebook.com/connect/login_success.html

If you’ve been using PhFacebook there wasn’t anything you had to do until now.

However if you have been trying with a different redirect_uri, fix this up now and keep reading.

The change (it seems) is that you are now required to explicitly set the redirect uri.

  1. Go to apps and select your project > Settings > Advanced > Security > Valid OAuth redirect URIs.

  2. Enter the following url and wait a minute or so:


That’s it, test it out and hopefully it’s working for you now.