The following are some useful bits and pieces for working with git.


  • Push all remotes at once: git remote | xargs -L 1 git push
  • Disconnect from repository: rm -rf .git
  • Update all submodules: git pull --recurse-submodules

Bash Alias’s

You can add the following to your .bash_profile which help speed up your git’n:

alias gita="git add -A"
alias gitc="git commit -m $1"
alias gitl="git log"
alias gitp="git push"
alias gits="git status"
alias gitu="git ls-files . --exclude-standard --others"

If you want a way to print out the alias’s (as the list could grow really large) add the following:

// There are plenty more colours you can use, see below.
BLUE=$(tput setaf 4)
NORMAL=$(tput sgr0)

// This function will get the alias text and output it to the console for you.
function formataliashelp() {
	local item
	while [ ${#} -gt 0 ]; do
		alias $item | sed "s/alias $item=//" | { read LINE; echo -e ${BLUE}$1${NORMAL}'\t'"$LINE"; }

// This is what you call
alias gith="formataliashelp gita gitc gitl gitp gits gitu"
  • If you want a full list of colours refer to this post.

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