The following are some useful bits and pieces for working with Xcode.


iOS Simulator Laggy

With the release of Mavericks the OS had a featue called coalesing added. This is supposed to help in running iOS 6.1 and earlier. According to the Apple release NOTE:

Performance issues can arise when running apps within the iOS Simulator on OS X Mavericks with a simulated OS version of iOS 6.1 or earlier. A workaround is to disable timer coalescing while using the iOS 6.1 or earlier simulator by executing the following command in a Terminal window:

sudo sysctl -w kern.timer.coalescing_enabled=0


Target Simulator or Device for iOS

   NSString *hello = @"Hey, I'm the iOS Simulator!";
   NSString *hello = @"Hey, I'm an iOS device!";

Can’t locate header files for static iOS library

You should read the response on StackOverflow here and here.

The most important takeaway from it all is the following line which should go in the User Header Search Paths setting.