If you try and use Jenkins to code sign your app you may get the following errror:

[workspace] $ /usr/bin/security list-keychains -s ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/login.keychain [workspace] $ /usr/bin/security default-keychain -d user -s ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/login.keychain Will not set default: file /private/var/jenkins/Library/Keychains/login.keychain does not exist security: SecKeychainSetDomainDefault user: Could not write to the file. It may have been opened with insufficient access privileges. [workspace] $ /usr/bin/security unlock-keychain -p ******** ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/login.keychain security: SecKeychainUnlock /var/jenkins/Library/Keychains/login.keychain: The specified keychain could not be found. FATAL: Unable to unlock the keychain. Build step ‘XCode’ marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE


Go to: Keychain > Keychain First aid (from the menu)

  1. username = jenkins
  2. password = (whatever your password is)
  3. Repair

You should now be able to compile correctly.