Instead of paying for a Google apps account or similar to host your email there is a free alternative.

By using Mailgun you can point any email address for domains you own to a gmail address.

For the example you have a gmail address of [email protected] and a domain of for which you want an email of [email protected].

This guide is not robust and assumes you are familiar with mucking around in your domain registrar and can find your way around techy sites.

1. Mailgun

  • Create a Mailgun account. Make sure you setup the MX records under your domain registrar.
  • Add a domain, click it and verify all the settings. In this case the domain is
  • Create a route for each custom email for your domain you want. The following is an example for forwarding from your custom domain to your gmail account:

That’s it for this part, now off to Gmail.

2. Gmail alias

This is an optional step which allows you to send from your gmail address under an alias of your custom domain email. That is, from fran[email protected] it will appear to others as if your email is [email protected]

  • In mailgun select your domain and go to Manage SMTP credential. Create a SMTP credential for the alias you want. In this case it’s [email protected] Take note of the password as you’ll need it later.
  • In Gmail go Settings > Accounts and Import > Send mail as. Fill in all the details which are a combination of the SMTP user you just created and the Domain information from mailgun.

That’s it! You can now use this alias to send your emails. Some Apps also allow you to use this alias to send.